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1 NFT = Saving 1 Life

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We are a determined group of crypto enthusiasts, who are against the war and supportive of the refugees in the ongoing Ukrainian crisis,  aiming to help our Ukrainian brothers in this difficult time through your funds. We organized this fundraiser platform by our projects Watt and CMS NFTs. The donors will be in progress of the entire process.

Peace Protest

Our goal is to collect $100,000 but not limited to,  by the end of the month to buy and then send the promised packages of cloths, sanitary products, and kitchen appliances. 

Love Ukraine

1. Watt Token:

2. Crypto Miners Syndicate:

Ukrainian Flags

- To help the Ukrainian Refugees through crypto.

- Be a helping hand.

- Help the children facing war.

- Even $10 could help Ukrainian in crisis.

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About this Project

It is heartbreaking to see what the Ukrainians are going through and the fact that they have to leave their houses and country in a matter of days. Our community is organizing this fundraising project in order to provide support and help them with their basic needs. 

We decided to raise funds through NFT because there is always proof in the blockchain network about every single donation making it a transparent process. The NFTs will be always in the donator's wallet reminding them about how many lives they have supported and saved.


Launching the save Ukraine NFT collection.

Shipping the packages to the Polish Ukrainian Border.

Buying the packages through the collected donation from the NFTs.

Distribute the packages including clothes and other necessities to the Ukrainian refugess.

Support for Refugees

Package 1

  • 3 T-shirts

  •  Trousers

  •  A pair of shoes 

  • A warm jacket 

  • A  raincoat 

  • 3 pairs of socks .

  • 3 pairs of Undergarments.

Package 2

  • 3 T-shirts

  •  Trousers

  •  A pair of shoes 

  • A warm jacket 

  • A  raincoat 

  • 3 pairs of socks .

  • 3 pairs of Undergarments.

Package 3

  • Toys 

  • Notebooks

  • Pencils and erasers

  • 3 T-shirts

  •  Trousers

  •  A pair of shoes 

  • A warm jacket 

  • A  raincoat 

  • 3 pairs of socks.

Package 4

  • Pans

  • Plates

  • Forks 

  • Spoons 

  • Metallic Mugs

  •  Rice

  • Flour 

  • Buckwheat 

  • Sugar 

  • Oil

For Men

For Women

For Children

Kitchen Supplies
For families

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Latest Headlines

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Russia to lose most Favorite Nation status:

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Bombing Continues:


Ukrainian Refugees in Crises:

Accused by the U.S and the G7 allies of committing war crimes in Ukraine, Russia might be stripped of its “most favored nation” status. With the economy in recession due to the sanctions and export controls, this act will result in the imposition of tariffs on a variety of Russian goods, further affecting the economy. 

The Russian military mercilessly continues to bomb the city of Mariupol every 30 minutes, including the attack on a truck carrying humanitarian aid. Mariupol, a city with daytime temperatures above freezing, has been under siege for ten days, leaving residents with little to no food. Residents are forced to melt snow to obtain drinking water, and many are attacking one another to obtain food and fuel....

Many of the 1.7 million Ukrainians displaced across international borders had little time to prepare for the evacuation. It is critical that these refugees receive food, clothing, and access to physical and mental health care....

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